All Assessments tools only allow you to upload one (1) file per assessment. However, some assessments require you to complete multiple different pages. Some pages are completed in WORD (or the equivalent), some are printed, hand written and scanned, and some are PDFs. You will need to combine all these pages into one (1) PDF document and there are a number of ways for you to do this:


OPTION 1: If you are using 'word' (or the equivalent) copy and paste all the templates into one (1) word document, complete the assessment, save as one (1) PDF document 


OPTION 2: If you are scanning, adjust your scanner settings to allow you to scan multiple pages and then save as one (1) PDF document


OPTION 3: If you have multiple PDFs that you want to merge together, go to and you can upload all the individual documents and then it will merge them together and save as one (1) PDF for you - and it is FREE