I Can't Submit PDF Documents on the Online Learning Platform?


The most common reason that you won't be able to upload PDF documents to the Online Learning Platform is if they are over 10mb in size. In this case, we suggest using a PDF compressor utility or breaking your pdf document into several smaller documents.

I Can't Upload or Download files on the Online Learning Platform

The published Student Enrolment Guide has important information with regards to the software required to upload and/or download files from the online learning platform.

All students are required to possess sufficient software to download and upload these format files: doc, dox, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, move, wmv, mp3, mp4, pdf, png, jpg, jepg, gif.  Please check your software and ensure that you have the ability to upload and download these format files.

Please note that some components of your enrolled course can be accessed via apple and android mobile or table devices however the Academy does not guarantee that all components of your enrolled course can be accessed by your particular brand device. 

I've done the above suggestions and I am still having difficulties with my files.

If you have checked that you have all required software and are still unable to download or upload a file, please screenshot the online learning platform that is causing the issue and lodge a ticket so that the Student Support Team can assist you.