As you work through your online learning platform, you will be instructed at various times to submit  'Request to Mark Assessment'.

You will be asked to check if you have completed:

  • all quizzes (theory)
  • the practical assessment tasks)

PLEASE NOTE: Your topic can not be marked until you have completed the practical assessment tasks.

If the answer is YES, you have completed all requirements for that topic and can submit a 'Request to Mark Assessment' ticket

Follow the instructions on your online learning platform to fill out the 'Request to Mark Assessment" form ensuring that the subject heading of your form contains the correct information including the topic number and topic name.

If you are a workshop student, include the date you attended the workshop in the body of your message.

If you are you an online student, include the url links to your videos/playlists in the body of your message - please make sure they are set to public or unlisted.

PLEASE NOTE: Please only include your "Request to Mark Assessment' in this ticket - for any other questions you must lodge a separate ticket.