The Academy of Fitness Knowledge Base is provided to Academy of Fitness students on the following conditions:

  • Students are expected to search the Knowledge Base prior to lodging a ticket

  • Students are expected to re-read their official enrolment letter and any other official correspondence from the Academy prior to lodging their ticket

  • It may take up to 48 hours or a longer period as required by the Academy for a reply to a lodged ticket

  • Students are expected to maintain an acceptable level of use of the Knowledge Base and ticketing system and must ensure that they refrain from frivolous, excessive, or inappropriate use of the system. The Knowledge Base and ticketing system is shared with all Academy of Fitness students and must be utilised with consideration for others who also use these systems. Unacceptable use includes lodging multiple tickets asking the same question, lodging multiple tickets within a short timeframe, lodging a ticket and also calling, emailing or using other communication channels to ask the same question, lodging frivolous or excessive tickets and/or using rude or disrespectful language

  • Any lodged tickets that ask a question that can be found in the Knowledge Base will not be replied to

  • Multiple lodged tickets that continue to ask the same question without waiting for a response from the Academy will not be replied to

  • Any lodged tickets that contain rude or disrespectful content such as text in capital letters, exclamation marks or offensive statements will not be replied to

  • The Academy of Fitness may at its discretion and without notice, temporarily or permanently block any student or person from using the Knowledge Base and/or ticketing system