What Can I Do With The App?

By using the Academy of Fitness app, students can do everything from completing quizzes through to requesting extensions and hard copies of certificates - and much much more.

The buttons on the main application screen (shown below) are the main source of navigation within the app. A description of what each button allows you to do is listed below:

Description of Each Option On The Home Screen

This is where you will find notifications from the Academy of Fitness. The Academy will send alerts to announce the days and times the tutor chat room is live and if there are any issues with your online learning platform (for example, scheduled maintenance).  Use the tabs at the bottom of this screen to sort through the Academy's notifications.

Study Login
This button will take you to your login page for the Online Learning Platform - you can complete quizzes, view lectures and practical demonstrations and much more!

Need Help?
This button will take you to the Academy of Fitness Knowledge Base.  Here you can access general course information and if you need additional help, you can lodge a ticket for action by the Academy of Fitness Student Support team.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Enrolment Guide:

This is a link to the published Student Enrolment Guide. This contains all the terms and conditions of your enrolment including your obligations as a student with the Academy of Fitness. 


This button allows you to purchase anything from an extension to recommended textbooks! It will direct you to the Academy of Fitness website, where you need to scroll down to see the different purchasing options.

A full list of what you can purchase from this page is listed below:

 - Apply for an extension on your course (either COMBINED Certificate III & IV or for a standalone Certificate III OR IV enrolment).
 - Purchase recommended textbooks at discounted pricing. These textbooks directly map to the course you are enrolled in!

 - Purchase a hard copy of your certificate.

 - Request an electronic copy of your certificate.

 - Purchase short courses in "Nutrition & Weight Management" and "Olympic Lift Progressions for the General Population."

Jobs Board:

This link directs you to a state-by-state listing of jobs in the fitness industry.

Purchase all your Academy of Fitness merchandise in this one location! We've got polo's, singlets and hoodies in both men's and women's styles.  Great if you intend to do some optional work experience or just because you love the Academy of Fitness!

Refer and Earn:

Join the Academy's Referral Reward Program so that you receive $200 for each and every person who enrols with the Academy of Fitness from your referral!


This link will take you to the Academy of Fitness Facebook page.


Pressing this button will direct you to the Academy of Fitness Instagram account.


This link will take you to to the Academy of Fitness Youtube Channel.


Check out the Academy of Fitness Twitter feed here for our latest updates.